The architectural study is the starting point for the design of each project. By following a scientific procedure of data analysis, the architectural solution is formed, aiming at the highest aesthetic result, the functionality of interior spaces as well as the comfortable living of the users.

Depending on its particular characteristics, each project is uniquely approached through a synthetic process, which consists of the following stages:

01. Research & analysis: Every geographical area and landscape have their own characteristics, each construction has its own purpose and corresponding perspective and each person has their own needs and aesthetic identity. All these parameters are investigated meticulously, to lay the foundations of the architectural design.

02. Preliminary architecture: This is the most creative design stage, where the building is designed as a whole, based on the users’ needs and according to building norms and rules. The architectural solution is presented through floor plans as well as high quality 3D representations in order to give our clients the opportunity to fully understand our proposals.

03. Parameter optimization & Definitive study: An architectural design is complete only when each of its elements has an essential aesthetic or functional reason to exist. This fact in combination with your feedback/comments that might arise after the first presentation of the architectural design, are re-analyzed and integrated into an optimization process. The aim is to reach the desired result and agree on the definitive architectural study.

04. Implementation study: In projects with increased complexity, we undertake the implementation study and the design of the necessary construction details. The designs are produced in 2D and where required in 3D, in order to ensure the correct implementation on the construction site and make the building’s construction process clear to the parties involved.

Interior architecture is a study which focuses on the interior spaces of a building and it can contribute significantly in order to transform every space into an ideal living environment. In a new building, interior architecture can be performed either at an initial stage as an integrated part of the architectural study, either at a later stage, usually in parallel with the construction of the building. The interior architecture study can be also performed for the partial or complete renovation of an existing building. Whatever the case is, an optimization process is carried out on a functional as well as an aesthetic level according to the users’ needs.

01.  Comprehensive case study and analysis: In the case of an existing building, a detailed survey of the space is carried out first, followed by the analysis of the data. This process helps us to investigate the space in terms of its dynamics and perspective. The final result of the interior design is fully personalized in terms of its aesthetics and functional parameters.

02. Preliminary design phase: The stage which the main idea is developed. The users’ needs as well as the potential of the space are analyzed, in order to reach the desired outcome. The presentation of the preliminary design phase consists of floor plans, as well as high quality 3D representations.

03. Definitive study: The aim of this stage is to produce the optimal solution that will meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the client and reflect its identity. Following the presentation of the preliminary design phase, a new meeting is held with the client in order to listen their ideas. Then, the initially proposed solution is modified accordingly in order to reach the desired outcome.

04. Implementation study: Once the interior architecture study has been completed, we proceed with the production of all the necessary plans required for the proper execution of the works by the involved technical crews.

A construction project, no matter how well thought out it is, will never be implemented correctly, nor will it be able to reach its true potential if its construction is not carried out under a strict and controlled environment. Entrusting the construction of your project to individuals lacking any certification in the construction field, will lead you, with mathematical precision, to unpleasant surprises in the future. Our team of engineers can undertake the entire construction and management of your project, ensuring the correct execution of the works and its successful delivery.

In addition to the architectural design and project management services, we collaborate with a broad network of partners which allow us to offer a variety of technical and administrative engineering services such as:

Building permits for small- & large-scale projects
Architectural 2D and 3D representation of buildings
Topographic measurements of plots
Structural designs and studies for new and existing structures
Accessibility studies for people with disabilities
Energy efficiency studies for buildings
Studies for the energy upgrade of existing buildings
Energy class certification of buildings
Management of building legality issues
Certificates of legality
Real Estate Consulting