01. Consultation phase

After our first contact, we are going to schedule a meeting in which will talk about your budget, the size and any other special features of the project you wish us to design for you.

02. Preliminary architecture

This is the most creative design stage, where the building is designed as a whole, based on the users’ needs and according to building norms and rules. The architectural solution is presented through floor plans as well as high quality 3D representations in order to give our clients the opportunity to fully understand our proposals.

03. Definitive study

It is the stage in which the architectural study is finalized and all the features of the project are described in detail. The final architectural drawings are then forwarded to the corresponding engineers (Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer) in order for the rest of the studies to be completed.

04. Project licensing

Having completed all the necessary studies for your project, the next step is to issue the building permit. The issuance of the building permit and the arrangements with the public authorities is a time consuming, however a required procedure. Our office undertakes the whole licensing process by releasing our clients from any kind of contact with the involved public authorities.

05. Construction

The construction of each project is the beginning of a new challenge for us. Our team of engineers guarantees the proper organization and supervision of the works, as well as the quick solution of any kind of technical problems that may arise at the construction site.

06. Project delivery

The moment of delivery of the project is always a unique moment of pride for us. Key delivery marks the end of our common journey. From now on, it is the moment you find yourself not only inside a new home, but in a completely new way of life.